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Walker Pickering - Nearly West


The Space Shuttle Atlantis: America’s Swansong

  • Atlantis flew 33 missions during its life.
  • It flew and docked at the International Space Station and the Russian space station Mir a total of 19 times.
  • It orbited the Earth 4848 times and traveled 126,000,000 or so miles (not bad) which is a distance that could get you to the Moon 525 times.
  • Mike Massamino, an astronaut aboard Atlantis conducted the first “Tweet” from space in Atlantis. This was in 2009.
  • The final mission by Atlantis was in 2011 and it marked both the retirement of Atlantis and the rest of the shuttle fleet. This in turn marked the end of America’s ability to travel space.


Photos by Philipp Igumnov.